January 1, 2015…Just Another Day to Be Who You Want to Be

January 1, 2015…Just Another Day to Be Who You Want to Be

I’ve been arguing with myself if I wanted to start writing again.  As cliche as it is, I figured I might as well start the new year doing something I enjoy rather then question it since ya know you should…

So here I am, sitting in my pajamas at 11:42 in the morning on New Years Day doing just that.  Jack Johnson Pandora is on and I am surrounded by my brother and cousin on the couch tucked away off a little dirt road in our New Hampshire mountain house.  As much as I love the comfort of my own bed and hanging out with my furry friends, I love disappearing into the realm of what I have certainly witnessed to be the Southern state lost in the North.

The past few days I got to shop the after Christmas sales, eat the best Thai food and engage in some horribly amazing Cards Against Humanity rounds with family and friends.  I’ve been coming up here since I was a kid and I consider myself somewhat seasoned but I wonder if my desire to eat the same Thai food and order my delicious chai tea latte at the same hole in the wall coffee shop is considered a tourist tradition or just another day in the life of a local?

For New Years last night we spent the last few hours of 2014 hopping around from predinner drinks to family spaghetti dinner to multiple bars.  What I liked specifically about this new years was that I was in jeans, an old flannel and my new pom pom hat, completely comfortable, and absolutely looking like I fit in with the rest of the locals.  I wasn’t sporting a sparkly dress or any high heels, my face wasn’t all done up and I didn’t drop $100 on alcohol, hotel rooms, or tickets to a “party”.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to wear a sparkly dress and attempt those youtube tutorials for the  “ultimate smokey eye” makeup but this year I was perfectly fine with my flannel and pom pom hat at the bar drinking Blue Moons.

My cousin, my brother and myself had celebrated with quite a few people and not because we are quite popular, well they might be, but because we had no idea what we wanted to do.  Our night consisted of dinner with our cousin, other couples and a baby, yes a baby.  Mind you, I’m 22……my new years eve plans will most likely never have a baby involved until it is my own, hopefully.   We then checked out a local bar in hopes of meeting up with a friend of my brothers.  A little background info, my brother now lives in NYC and wears suits to work.  He wheels and deals like no other and in my opinion, loves the sound of his own voice and knowing everyone, meaning he will befriend anyone of importance but he will also keep all us other folk in the back of his mind.  A few too many ‘Happy New Year’ hugs and a Jack and Ginger later we are off to the ‘Go To’ bar.  Low and behold, at 11:05 pm the line is 15 people deep and not moving.  A group is playing heads up and another is calling for a taxi, we get out of there immediately. After checking out the two bars, we ended up at a small local irish bar where the drop of a name allowed us to skip the wait and grab a seat at the bar.

I did a quick observation of the strangers I would soon be celebrating with being the typical people watcher I am.  What were the strangers like you ask?  Well, there were a few guys and gals sporting a flannel and jeans like myself, a handful of bearded men in work boots dancing to the beat of their own drum, the occasional couple enjoying their significant others body on the dance floor, a few friends that were out because tomorrow would be 2015 like my brother, cousin and myself, and the one girl who still wore that sequined skirt and statement necklace I thought about wearing.  The thought of my New Years Eve kiss, dreaded or magical however you would like to refer to it as, did cross my mind, but definitely not nearly as much as it did for my brother and my cousin.  One was on Tinder frantically swiping left and right and the other was talking about how prepared I should be for the game that was about to be thrown upon our arrival.  Yes, I scanned each bar I entered to see if there were any potential suitors but they were either partnered up or someone I wouldn’t be able to throw my own game at because I was with my older brother and older cousin.  I accepted it and still hopelessly dreamnt of my own knight in shining armor sneaking up and surprising me with the last minute NYE kiss like Ryan Atwood gave Marissa Cooper on the NYE episode of The OC or Ashton Kutcher gave Amanda Peet in A Lot Like Love.  Granted I wouldn’t have the long history with that knight but hey who’s to say that kiss wouldn’t be the start of that fairy tale love.

My cousin is talking to Ms. Tinder, the band plays Girls Just Want to Have Fun and I am laughingly singing along with a bar neighbor who my brother is semi interested in.  A few songs later and a few champagne bottles popped it’s time.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!  A kiss on the forehead from my brother and a few cheers with some strangers and the new year is upon us.  Sadly to say, no kiss from my knight in shining armor but ringing in the new year with my brother is a thing that will soon become a tradition.  I didn’t stress about missing out on the hottest party or hold onto my phone waiting for the next NYE snapchat or “I’m drunk” text.  I enjoyed the laissez-faire New Years plans and am ready to keep doing that the rest of my time here.

It’s 2015 and I believe it is the time to reinvent oneself since it’s the start of the new calendar year and page one of the three hundred and sixty five age book.  However, today is just another day with another opportunity to prove that actions speak louder than words whose date ends in a different number.  Instead of posting about the revisions you want to make or the person you want to become, why not take the first step towards that.  Stop talking and start doing.  Create that blog you always thought about, take the long drive you’ve sang about, reach out to that old friend you often think about, take a break from society and stay in bed all day, just stop thinking about it and DO IT.   If next week rolls around and you still haven’t changed a thing, don’t let that get you down.  As Ernest Holmes said, “All limitations are self-imposed”.  I suppose I am writing this blog as a mini motivation to others but more so as proof to myself that I am making those daily changes and will hopefully see improvements in my own writing.  I am stepping out of my normal activity and doing something I may not be 100% comfortable with.  I am moving forward in my own personal growth and holding myself accountable.

Until next time, make the change, take the plunge and smile…it feels good doesn’t it?


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